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Structural Concrete Builds and Unique Architectural Dreamscapes. We provide everything from land acquisition and development to project management and general contracting.

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Welcome to British Columbia’s leading collaborative, inclusive, and forward-thinking concrete contractor, serving from Vancouver Island to the Maritimes!

At COBRAFER Construction, we believe in partnering with our clients, substrates, and team members to deliver a collaborative approach to every project. As a minority-owned contractor, our team has over 25 years of experience from around the globe, and our commitment to excellence is second to none.

From assisting with preliminary budgets to assessing constructability and cost savings options, we provide support from Day 1. Our team of experienced pre-construction professionals will give you a head start to running an efficient project.

Our PMP-designated and Red Seal workers ensure every detail is correct, and our Mergers & Acquisitions team can lead your project from land acquisition through project completion and sales.

As the project evolves, so does the schedule. Cobrafer will provide input on your master schedule before the project starts, and we’ll submit accurate look-ahead timelines to ensure your project stays on track from start to finish.


As mention above, COBRAFER specializes in structural concrete builds and unique architectural dreamscapes. Providing everything from land acquisition and development to project management and general contracting.


Concrete Structures.


Architectural Dreamscapes


Project Management & Development


Project Management & Development

COR® Certification

Celebrating Safety Excellence: Cobrafer Construction Ltd. proudly displays its 2023 Small COR® Health & Safety Certification, a testament to our commitment to maintaining high safety standards in all our operations. Our proactive approach to safety has been recognized by the BC Construction Safety Alliance. Onwards to another safe and productive year!

BCCSA 2023 COR for Cobrafer Construction Ltd





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