You Dream It. We Build It.

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Not a Jack of All Trades, but a Master of Few.

Residential Foundations • Parking Structures • Custom Homes • Residential Highrise

COBRAFER is equipped to handle any concrete project you put in front of us. You can trust our experienced crews to complete your project with accuracy, dedication, and with the understanding that we’re building something that’s expected to last a lifetime.

We’ve built dedicated crews to take care of the foundation of your new home, office building, parkade, or multifamily building. Our process takes us through a drawing review with our top talent, selection of the best crew for your project, and finally a pre-construction confirmation of all outstanding questions and observations that could make your job more efficient, cost effective, and produce a better overall product.

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Sectors We Specialise In

Residential Foundations & Framing

Building a dream home? Have a townhouse complex or multiplex that needs a solid foundation and a quick start? Our crews are experienced in everything from simple flatland house foundations to extensive custom home foundations, built on uneven terrain with multiple elevation changes.

Parking Structures & Commercial Spaces

We’re experts in the ground, and nothing gets us more excited than a freshly dug excavation so we can get to work. We have extensive experience in below-grade foundation and parkade construction, and as we go vertical we make quick work of the commercial spaces for mixed use buildings.

Custom Homes & Special projects

We love a challenge. If you have a custom, specialized, or unique project and need a team who can tackle it, we’re excited to take it on. These type of projects require the know-how and experience to strategically progress through the build, and we’ll be there to advise every step of the way.

Residential Highrise & Lowrise

As more people decide to simplify their living situation and opt for a condo in the city rather than a piece of land in the suburbs, we’ve made a point of building a team around residential high, mid, and low rise projects. We’ll take care of everything from slab on grade to the top off party!